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We Need Your Unwanted Coupons

Donate your unwanted manufacturer coupons.  We’ll do the rest.

Coupons for the Community is a volunteer organization that helps local food pantries by using your unwanted coupons to stretch the limited dollars from donations from individuals and businesses.

Donating coupons costs you nothing. Let us turn them into more food and essentials like toiletries and hygiene products for the members of our community that need them most. (Note that many necessities of life like soap, laundry detergent and toilet tissue are not covered by food stamps.)

How to Donate Coupons

Coupons for the Community

Clipping Donated Coupons

Simply donate your unwanted coupon ads and the volunteers at Coupons for the Community will do the rest!
How you can help:

  1. Collect coupon ads (Smart Source, Red Plum, P&G, etc).  No need to clip the individual coupons.
  2. Drop off your coupon ads at one of the locations we support.  Click here for a list of locations.

The Coupons for the Community program can be a simple and cost free way for everyone to help fill food pantries and contribute to those in need.

Make a Donation

If you would like to make a monetary donation click on the Donate button on the right side of this page.  If you prefer, make your check payable to: Coupons for the Community and mail to:

Coupons for the Community
PO Box 156
Sparta, NJ 07871

Thanks For Your Help!

Coupons for the Community is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

What We Know

Coupons for the Community

100th Day of School Donations

Demand at food pantries has risen significantly since 2008. The number of people relying on food stamps is at its highest level since the late 1960’s. Food pantries exist to provide a safety net to those in need who may not be eligible for food assistance or are not receiving enough assistance to meet their basic needs. Due to current economic conditions, demand at food pantries is expected to rise even higher.

More than Food…

Coupons for the Community believes that by providing much needed items we also create an environment where there is less domestic violence, less addiction, less child abuse, and less divorce.

Coupons for the Community donations can make the difference between a child being ridiculed at school because of poor hygiene due to lack of toiletries in the home, or a parent getting a job or not. The goods received enable a family to exist in an atmosphere if self respect.

Coupons for the Community volunteers demonstrate to those in our communities that no donation or amount of support is too small to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.