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Thank You from the Community Soup Kitchen & Outreach Center

On behalf of the Community Soup Kitchen & Outreach Center, thank you so much for ALL that you do to not only support the Soup Kitchen, but all of the other local food banks and food pantries. We are all working together to help our many neighbors in need, and you all make it happen!

The 100th day celebration at the Byram Schools was amazing and a true testament to all that you do, and all of the others you inspire, every day of the year.

Thank you for what you do every day, and every week.  You are all amazing and we at the Community Soup Kitchen are honored to work along side you to help those right here in our local community who need help.

Marla Drury
Director of Development/Community Outreach

Community Soup Kitchen & Outreach Center
36 South Street
Morristown, NJ 07960
973-267-0709 (ext. 305) 

First 100th Day of School Event of 2014

In an effort to expand the “100th Day of School” program, on Thursday, January 16, 2014, Coupons for the Community, and two representatives of food pantries that Coupons for the Community support, attended the 100th Day of School Celebration at the Byram Lakes Elementary and Intermediate Schools.

Pat Battle of NBC News, came to interview various people in attendance for her “The Good Fight” segment of NBC News show, Weekend Today in New York. She explained to the students how many families are in need of such items because they must purchase food and other necessities first. It was also explained that a bottle of shampoo is often used for cleaning the house, and even as laundry detergent by families in need.

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