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100th Day of School at the Oak Street School

100th Day of School at the Oak Street School.

100th Day of School at the Oak Street School.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU… for ALL of your help this morning!

* Karen, thank you for meeting me at Shop Rite to buy last minute donations and for bringing this project to my attention and helping me see it through!

* Cindy, thank you for volunteering to help sort, count and take donations to the Soup Kitchen (since you volunteer there it was so nice to see you interacting w/ the workers and the other needy folks coming into the church today ~ you inspire me to volunteer now! Thank you my friend! )

* Marla, thank you for coming to the school to see the children’s efforts and for running the Soup Kitchen like you do ~ what an amazing job you have and amazing job you have done!  So many folks are blessed by your efforts.

*  And last but not least, Suzanne, thank you for seeing the need in all the surrounding communities and being able to see it through to the end. (The end is actually never here b/c there will always be folks that are in need.)

Coupons for the Community, your idea, has flourished and has helped so many be able to feel good about their lives in many, many ways.

I have been blessed by helping with this project at Oak Street and can’t wait to participate again next year!  I hope we can get all Bernards Township Schools to participate next year ~ the more the merrier!

The Community Soup Kitchen loved all of our donations and were so happy to see the delivery.  So good to know our students helped so many out there.  I’ll do a write up for the Oak Leaf andFriday Folder for next week so the parents and children can know how they helped others.

Below is the picture the Bernardsville News wants to run in next Thurs. paper.  I’ll get approval from all parents and we should see the write up next week in the paper.  I’ll send everyone the link once it is published.  

Thanks again for all your help!