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Count your blessings not your presents

letterMr Wonderful and I are blessed to have three wonderful girls who for their privacy are known as Big, Middle and Little in my blogs.  Big and Middle are teenagers who although they love Christmas aren’t quite as caught up in the magic of Santa anymore.  Little on the other hand loves all things Christmas, especially Santa.

Like the children of many of my fellow volunteers my kids have been raised in an environment of giving and service to their community.  They know how lucky we are and they know those who are down on their luck.  They have spent countless hours at food pantries, clipping coupons and wrapping gifts for others.  However, they are still children and their Christmas lists are long and they get up at 5am every Christmas morning like any other child.

Perhaps that’s why Little’s letter to Santa brought tears to my eyes.  She makes me proud everyday.  May your holiday season be filled with wonder and just a little bit of magic. DKL

Cake and a smile…

“Poverty is a very complicated issue, but feeding a child isn’t”

This simple quote from Jeff Bridges, an actor and spokesman from No Kid Hungry, beautifully demonstrates our philosophy at Coupons for the Community. While there are many reasons people find themselves in a position where they are unable to provide adequate food for their family there are no reasons for a child to suffer as a result of these issues.

Perhaps one of my most memorable experiences as a food pantry volunteer came shortly after Coupons for Community began supplying the pantry with supplemental food and supplies. While it was not necessarily an issue of hunger it was a moment of wonder. A young boy came to me and asked if he could have a box of cake mix. His Mom had a birthday coming up and a cake was simply not in their budget. Cake mix, considered a luxury item, is not a supply that a food pantry would normally keep on hand. Coupons for the Community had purchased these boxed cake mixes for 19 cents. By waiting for the mix to go on sale for 99 cents and using a 40 cent coupon and doubling that coupon at a local grocery the shopper was able to buy several boxes of mix for 19 cents each.

The look on that young boy’s face was worth so much more than 19 cents- in fact it was priceless….DKL


The holiday season is a reflective time for many. As I approach the New Year I always look back on the year I have had and look forward to the year ahead. One of the things I ask myself is have I made a difference? Not only in the lives of my friends and family but in the lives of my community. I think working to make my community a better place makes me a better person. The dedicated volunteers at Coupons for Community make a difference in the lives of many. By shopping throughout the year and keeping food pantries stocked in every season thousands of people a year receive food and products that make their lives a little better. There is still time for you to make a difference this year. By making a donation via our PayPal account you can help us help others in your community. Perhaps you have a hard to please person or two on your holiday shopping list this year? Consider making a donation in their name. That’s a gift both of you can feel good about. We wish all of our supporters a peaceful and wonderful holiday season. DKL